Our Services

Support Coordination

I-Help assists clients to develop an individualised plan and start coordinating your support to connect with your local community and services.

Assistance with Daily Life

I-Help assist clients in all areas of personal daily life tasks which will assist them to live as “independently as possible”. These supports can be provided in a range of environments including your own home.

The supports may include, but are not limited to personal and self-care tasks, accessing the community, leaving school, entering the workforce, pursuing education and leaving home.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

I-Help assist clients to participate in social, community and recreational activities within the Community as identified in their NDIS plan.

How supports are provided is flexible and guided by them, supports can be provided in group settings, one on- one, camps, on holidays and during regular and Spontaneous activities.

Improved Relationships

IHelp Disability Services works with a team of registered psychologists who work collaboratively with individuals, families and carers to improve their ongoing relationships.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

I-Help assist clients to maintain their health and well-being through activities that promote and encourage positive physical health including exercise and healthy diets.

Improved Life Choices

I-Help provides training for those seeking more independent involvement in the coordination and management of their plan.

Improved Daily Living Skills

I-Help provide assessment, training and supports in all areas of daily living and life skills to aid in increased independence and community participation.

Training and development activities can be undertaken in groups or individually, in line with your NDIS plan.

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